Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Triple Threat

Amuma: The saying "behind every successful person lies a woman" is one we've all heard of. From my point of view, behind every successful family lies a woman. She's the pillar of strength, shoulder to cry on, heart to love and simply the queen of the family. One fine example is none other than the woman sitting here, my Amoma, Puvaneswari Kailairajah. Amoma, without you, your scrumptious vegetarian Tauhu curry and meals, your thoughtful, endless prayers and strong, dependable character, this family could not have achieved what it has and could not have survived the adversities we have gone through. We love you more than words can describe.

Apupa: And how can you leave out a man who is a role model? There are top names in the world...Barack Obama, Ambani, Bill gates and they have fame and money and they do great stuff for the world. Good for them...but our unsung hero, my Apopa, kailairajah or the ever famous thurai mama. He is the man who has for years given us Hacks sweets even if we weren't coughing, powdered our feet so we wouldn't get sweaty with socks in school, took walks and gave us the wisdom that can only come with years and years and years of working to support the many women in his life and the families that came with them. Apupa you are perfect compliment to amuma and her beauty. The youth (and fights) of your relationship combined to form a couple reassemblance to lord shiva n parvathi.the journey of your life inspires us.We love you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy little thing call Love

As i wait 4 my lecturer to get me da exercises 4 my design drawing....its thing or two that has been botherin me abit more thn i like.It has cause a few jolt's on my very emotional soul..I am very very emtional whn it comes to matters such as da things u really do love in life or da 1's i love.Whn i say crazy little thing its probaly going to be the 1 really adore and long 4 as my partner.
This love its different thn hw u love as to say ur parents or sister,etc....it gives u even more anticiapation or anxiety on hoping on ur partner's response...its never stable 4 apparent reasons..diz crazy tingy does give u da high and low, one moment u r smiling lyk a loose cannon and da next ur down crashing lyk a bird who has been juz shot down....yes i hd crushes here and thr fallin 4 different kind of ppl yet up till nw whn everything return's bck to their normal and original status...diz jolt of feelings kicks up again 4 which i am nt sure WHY.....

Jewel's tht i hv met in a short period of time